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Kaeni rocks Beauty World Middle East with her innovative products

Kaeni had a prominent participation in Beauty World Middle East 2022, one of the biggest beauty events in the world, which took place in Dubai. With an impeccable stand and a highly qualified team, the brand conquered the audience and showed all the quality and innovation of its products. It was so successful that Kaeni received several accolades and closed important deals with international distributors and resellers. Undoubtedly, participation in Beauty World Middle East 2022 was a milestone for Kaeni and only reinforces its prominent position in the world beauty market.

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Kaeni, a Brazilian brand of high-performance hair care cosmetics, has conquered more and more space in the international market. With a consolidated presence in the Middle East, United States and Mexico, its products have attracted attention for their quality and effectiveness.

In the Middle East, Kaeni has been well received by Arab consumers, who value high quality and sophisticated products. The Kergloss  Protein line has been a success, as has the Perfect Daily line, which is widely used in the region.

In the United States, Kaeni has conquered space among beauty professionals, who praise the effectiveness of the products. Kergloss  has been one of the most sought after products for its ability to reduce the volume of resistant hair.

In Mexico, Kaeni has attracted attention due to the diversity of its products and their quality. The hair reconstruction line has been a hit with Mexican consumers looking for effective treatments for damaged hair.

With this increasingly strong international presence, Kaeni consolidates itself as a globally recognized brand of excellence and quality.

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